Beautiful Eyes? Here Are Best Types Of Mascaras!

We all love having long and beautiful eyelashes. Like in our earlier articles we mentioned the tricks and tips to make your eyelashes long and beautiful. Here we are taking a step further. The experts at Faiza beauty cream doing mascaras guide for you!


So in the market there is a huge variety of mascaras. And this is all varying on the different types of eyelashes. So you don’t need to worry in the cosmetic store anymore. We have the solution for you right here! Scroll down!

1- Lengthening Mascara
Lengthening mascara adds length to the present lashes. This mascara is first-rate for people with short and sparse eyelashes. To create the maximum period, you should practice as a minimum coats of mascara on the lashes. Whilst the mascara is carried out, these fibers bind to the tips of the eyelashes, making them appear longer.

2- Water Proof Mascara
Water proof mascaras will not get smudged. One of the best featue of them is that they can not be removed easily. So technically you can wear them for longer periods. You need special makeup removers to get rid of them after applying.

3- Water Washed Mascara
Now unlike the water proof mascaras they can be easily washed. Though their removal is a tension free task. But then eventually they get smudged easily as well.

4- Curling Mascara
The curling mascaras will make sure you get the long beautiful curled eyelashes shadowing your eyes. They re rich in consistency that means that they are thicker.

Castor oil has terrific advantages to your eyes as well! Would you want to understand what they are? Read on! Castor oil is a vegetable oil this is acquired in its purest form from the castor bean seed. It is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Here is the list of benefits of the castor oils.


It is one of the best oils. You can get the idea of the benefits here!

1- Keeps Your Eye Hydrated

It is one of the high-quality herbal treatments for dry eyes. For a safe and herbal treatment for this condition, you must use castor oils eye drops. It affords the lubrication that your eyes want to make sure they continually live wet. Dry eyes can cause different severe eye problems

2- Avoids Irritation
Irritation across the eyelids may be dealt with the castor oils.
It additionally allows in lowering the burning sensation, swelling, and redness. That occur when your eyes are infected.
All you want to do is observe pure oil on your ring finger and spread it around your eyelids.
Ensuring to apply it well to regions that appearance infected and red.
3- Stimulates Growth Of Eyelashes
Applying castor oil locally across the eyelashes and eyebrows can stimulate hair increase. This could come up with thick and dark eyelashes and eyebrows.

long eyelashes
4- Keeps Skin Smooth
Gently massaging the pores and skin around your eyes regularly with castor oil can assist hold the skin tender and smooth. It also allows in preventing dark circles and wrinkles.

5- Avoids Infections
Furthermore the Castor oil may be used towards bacteria. Also you may use this amazing oil as eye drops. So this acts as a natural remedy for bacterial eye infections like conjunctivitis.

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